About Us






Jessi Trotta earned her master’s degree in education and taught special education for several years. After the birth of her twin sons, Jessi explored her more creative side and began studying metalsmithing at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. With a passion for concept and design, Jessi has strives to create collections that reflect individuality and personal expression. Her hand-stamped collection is especially meaningful to her. She believes that when we are able to wear something that serves as a constant reminder of what is most important to us, we are inevitably surrounded by positive energy.

When asked about her original inspiration for the
hand-stamped collection, she responded that her son,
Riley, at age 5, had made  her a birthday card that said,
“I love you more than blueberry muffins.” Though this is a
special memory for her, the idea is universal. We all have 
people in our life, places in our life and moments in 
our life that mean the world to us. 





K&R Designs aspires to help you commemorate those moments with individual pieces that celebrate life’s most treasured moments… yours!